Our Story

Two stores, one family. Bend, Oregon



A family of four living the best life we can. Ju-bee-lee and Abode are the heart and soul of what we do as  Bend residents, parents, community-minded humans and explorers of this fine earth. That’s us, Kirsten and Abe Gilreath!


Our first retail endeavor began in April 2013 as a retail specialty boutique in Bend, Oregon with our downtown location,   ju-bee-lee. We opened our doors to the community with the desire to create a place where locals and visitors alike shop for unique finds. Bringing together a wide array of meaningful gifts ideas is at the heart of what we do; blending local artisan products with sought after treasures for a creative life. Named “Best Gift Shop” by the Source Weekly in 2016 confirmed that we were on the right path, that the synergy of the store was a good fit for the Bend vibe. The success of   ju-bee-lee got us thinking about what else was possible, and in late 2017, we found ourselves opening a second retail location, Abode.

Our second store is of a slightly different flare. With well-crafted furniture, gorgeous rugs and vintage goods to help others design their perfect home, Abode invokes a spirit of luxurious comfort. This newly opened location is a well-curated collection of items you won’t find anywhere else and aims to become a go-to for Bend’s custom designer upholstery needs.


Whether you are visiting ju-bee-lee or Abode online or in-store you are sure to be inspired!